For one night, in backyards, hometowns and cities across the globe, we will sleep out in unison to create the world’s largest display of solidarity with and commitment to those experiencing homelessness and displacement

On December 7th this year Alv Hirst (SNU Communications Director) and many others, will be taking part in 'The World’s Big Sleepout'. The purpose of this is to raise awareness of the homelessness crisis in the UK, and around the world where 1.1 billion people live in inadequate housing and 100 million have no housing at all. It involves sleeping outdoors for one night, somewhere safe and legal. He said, "Having worked with homeless people, I have been very inspired by the increasing number of Spiritualist churches and centres who have raised funds, donated goods and volunteered to support homeless individuals and charities." 

See our Big Sleep Out donation page here please help us reach our target, no matter how small it will go towards making a change.

Host-Your-Own Event!

Hosting a sleep out can make a major difference to organisations fighting local homelessness in your city as well as allowing you and your community to join a global movement to tackle homelessness throughout the world. By hosting your own event you can also fundraise for a homeless charity of YOUR choice and this organisation will receive 50% of the funds that your event raises with the other 50% going to international refugee focussed causes.

All sleep out events will be given a VT package from the incredible people supporting our campaign, including a video message from A-list actors Will Smith and Dame Helen Mirren, telling a bedtime story to your participants. You can organise your Sleep Out in your Church/Centre, back garden, porch, school grounds, private grounds of a company (with permission) or anywhere else that is safe and legal.

These are small to medium events (1-300 participants) that are suited for families, friends, community groups, places of worship or smaller, charity run events. 

Social Media

Visit the Big Sleep Out Facebook Page and follow the campaign.

Official PDF Information pack

Click here to download the official PDF info pack for hosting your own event.

SNU Church/Centre Event Poster

Click here to download and print out a poster to put up in your Church/Centre advertise your 'Big Sleep Out' event!

If you or your Church/Centre would like to get involved please email Alv at [email protected] for further information 

The World’s Big Sleep Out: please visit the official website!

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