Studying for an SNU Course, a degree, writing a paper or furthering your general knowledge of Spiritualism and our history, etc. Your Research study visit will be supported under the guidance of the Museum Curator and Librarian, Paul Gaunt.

Students will have access to the important major Spiritualistic journals of the day, books and the Museum, where you can study and research the many aspects of our history.

The next study week is:

February 16th - 22nd 2019

July 13th  - 19th 2019

September 7th - 14th 2019

A typical study day lasts from: 09.00am - 17.30pm

(You can book as many days as you need during the specified weeks.)

All those intending to book should contact Paul first to make sure any specialised subject material is available [email protected]


£25.00 per day (You can Book for a day, two days, or a full week)

Meals and accommodation 

Lunch £10, Dinner £12.50

The following prices include all meals and accommodation.

1 or 2 nights £90.00 bed and breakfast

3 nights £235.00

4 nights £285.00

5 nights £300.00

6 nights £335.00

7 nights £360.00

For further information on the study weeks and how to book your place please click here. 

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Booking for this event has now closed.