Healing Awareness Week - What's it all about?

Healing Awareness Week is dedicated to promoting Healing and Wellness for all; a week filled with ideas and information to help everyone achieve a more positive and healthy lifestyle.

Everyone is welcome to get involved; whether you're a healer, someone who has benefited from Healing, or just interested in finding out more.

What can you do to support Healing Awareness Week?

This week is all about promoting the benefits of Healing to as wide an audience as possible to inform and inspire people to experience it for themselves.

'This year, in light of Covid-19, there will be less focus on taster sessions and face to face activities in line with social distancing. Instead, the key activities will be online, with plenty of information shared via social media and our special online Big Heal activity each evening of the week. So how could you help?

If you're a healer you could...

  • Ask for a spot on your local radio station to talk about Healing
  • Tell us about a case study that we can share - you don't have to mention names
  • Share useful Healing information via your own social media profiles using #HealingAwarenessWeek
  • Offer distant healing via your website or social media
  • Join us each evening for the Big Heal to contribute to our pool of loving and healing energy

If you're a supporter of Healing you could...

  • Share Healing Awareness Week posts via social media
  • Distribute posters or leaflets about Healing from our Resources page
  • Host a virtual coffee morning to talk about Healing and wellness with like-minded people
  • Share your experiences of Healing online or by talking on WhatsApp groups

If you have never experienced Healing, but are interested, you could....

  • Spend a little time finding out more; reading our Stories or founding organisations’ websites is a good start
  • Keep an eye on our Facebook page HealingAwarenessWeek
  • Follow #HealingAwarenessWeek on social media
  • Join us for the Big Heal each evening of the week

Click here for official posters to promote your event