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Wellness for the 21st Century! 

The second decade of the twenty-fi rst century; a century where wellness has become the issue of concern for the public and government alike. An epidemic of Mental Health issues affecting more than one in four UK residents, almost equalling the fi gure for cancer sufferers in this country. In the UK, in this new decade people are looking for alternatives that can work alongside existing treatments, but bring back a measure of self-healing and a feeling of control to one’s life. This is where ‘Healing Awareness Week’ will help everyone, with new ideas, strategies and alternatives to bringing ‘Wellness’ to the forefront of living.

Healing Awareness Week (4th-10 May 2020)

By a combination of body, mind and spiritual concepts, positive thinking and constructive strategies, ‘Healing Awareness Week’ will offer everyone in the UK a chance to fi nd a way that suits them, to improve their ‘Wellness’. ‘Healing Awareness Week’ is the initiative of a collaborative group of like-minded organisations working together under the title of the ‘Healing Forum’. The Healing Forum’s four member organisations represent the majority of registered healers in the UK, and are dedicated to promoting Healing and the benefi ts of balance in body, mind and spirit. Our members are proud to uphold professional and ethical standards that the public can rely upon, and many will offer life-changing ideas through local events, that you are welcome to come along and sample for yourself. For events in your area visit the Healing Awareness Week Facebook page or website.

The Big Heal

‘The BIG HEAL’ is an online event where healers are invited to visit the Healing Awareness Week website and through the power of thought and their own conscious and positive intention, charge a virtual pool with energy and healing thoughts for anyone in need of healing. This pool of healing energy will be available to help those with mental health issues or diagnosed with a serious illness, or simply anyone in need of a burst of positive healing energy. Anyone in need of healing can visit the Healing Awareness Week website:
www.healingawarenessweek.org or link to it through the Facebook page:www.facebook.com/HealingAwarenessWeek and take part in the ‘BIG HEAL’, by drawing on the reservoir of healing energy for themselves or their loved ones. Each day during Healing Awareness Week members of the Healing Forum will visit the website page and channel healing energy to the collective pool of loving and healing energy, and we ask all healers to join us in building this wonderful pool of healing energy. People can visit the page at any time during the week and ask for healing to be sent to them. Through the power of intention, they will be helped in some positive way; maybe not in a way they expect, but helped none the less. Healing Awareness Week, is a real opportunity for you to change your life and ‘Wellness’ by consulting with expert complementary therapists who will be able to offer advice and practical solutions to help you make the changes in your life and move forward with a new positive ‘Wellness’ intention for you in the new decade ahead.

For more about Healing Awareness Week

Visit our website: www.healingawarenessweek.org or Facebook page: www.facebook.com/HealingAwarenessWeek/

For more information about the ‘Healing Forum’: The Confederation of Healing Organisations
www.the-cho.org.uk or call: 0300 302 0021
or email: [email protected]

The British Alliance of Healing Associations
www.britishalliancehealingassociations.com or call: 07901 715594 or email: [email protected] UK Healers

www.ukhealers.info or call 01803 845800
or email: [email protected]

The Spiritualists’ National Union www.snu.org.uk or call: 01279 816363
or email:[email protected]

Healing Awareness Week 2020 poster

Print this poster and fill in your church and event details, don't forget to tell Head Office we would love to feature your event in our magazine and website lets shout about Healing!

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