Taking place in the Sanctuary at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall, Essex.

It has been some decades since Harry Edwards stood on the platform in front of 50 plus Spiritualist Healing Mediums. Edwards healed at venues as huge as the Albert Hall in London, and the Victoria Hall in Manchester often with an audience of several hundred gathered to witness the amazing power he channelled from Spirit to help the sick and infirm. He would demonstrate the power of Spiritual energy using the gathered healers as a boost for his own prodigious attunement to Spirit. During these events SNU Healing Medium Bill Fletcher would frequently be called upon to help Edwards by ushering patients to the stage when He asked them to join him, “More than once I helped a person with walking difficulties on to the stage and after Harry had worked on them, walked behind the patient carrying their crutches, which they had discarded. That was a wonderful thing to see”.  Since then Bill has dedicated his life to Spiritualist Healing and is now after four decades a powerfully attuned Spiritualist Healing Medium and founder member of the Stansted Hall Healing team .


The Harry Edwards Style for the 21st Century

To coincide with Healing Awareness Week Minister Steven Upton will give a demonstration of Spiritualist Healing Mediumship, with the support of SNU healing mediums, in the style of Harry Edwards. This style of Healing has not been seen in the UK for many years. The evening will also include a demonstration of Trance Control for Healing.Steven will be supported during the evening by over 20 of the SNU’s most experienced Spiritualist Healing Mediums, in the same way Harry Edwards used his team of Spiritualist Healing Mediums to turbo-charge his attunement to the Spirit World and the team of Spirit Healers working with him.

Staging a Harry Edwards style of Healing event is a fitting tribute to the man who is still considered one of the most well known and Spiritually connected Healing Medium's of our age. 



The event will be held in the Sanctuary within Stansted Hall, the Sanctuary has become the hub of the SNU and our Church, truly a special place for Spiritualists from all around the globe. Harry Edwards was originally part of the team who dedicated this special space and saw the transformation through from Stansted Hall Orangery to the Sanctuary as it stands today. 

Further details of this event can be found by visiting the Arthur Findlay College website at www.arthurfindlaycollege.org or the Spiritualist’s National Union website at www.snu.org.uk



This will be a ticket only event and the numbers of tickets will be strictly limited to just 140, so booking early is essential. This event coincides with the Arthur Findlay College open week booking both together is highly reccommended. 


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