2020 is the Spiritualists’ National Union’s “Year of the Environment.” We are calling for participants to join the SNU Green Summit in early Spring 2020. This online gathering will form part of an ongoing commitment to combatting climate change and caring for the environment. Joining information is at the end of this page.

What is the Year of the Environment?

The Year of the Environment is intended to be both a starting point for new action, and a reflection on existing efforts. As the world faces a climate change crisis, we recognise that real change will come only through ongoing sustained efforts. We also recognise the time to act is always now. Any plans and actions can only be effective if they are continued into the future beyond 2020 – we want caring for the environment to be part of our eternal progress, and see it as an essential part of humanity’s evolutionary pathway. We are aware that our colleagues in the interfaith community have recognised the role of religions in safeguarding our future, and we too are active partners in caring for the environment, and raising awareness about it.

What is the SNU Green Summit?

The SNU Green Summit will be an online video conference allowing participants from anywhere in the world to participate. This will avoid the carbon costs of holding a physical meeting. It will be a place to share existing initiatives that churches and individuals have undertaken that help to combat climate change and reduce negative impacts on the environment. It will also explore how we can enhance the environment. It will be followed up with a further progress reporting summit later in the year.

Who should attend?

The SNU Green Summit invites representatives of SNU Churches and Centres, District Councils and committees who have an interest in supporting environmentally responsible approaches in all our activities as Spiritualists. It will also be open to staff representatives at any of the SNU sites. It is also open to individuals involved in SNU activity at any level who wish to actively contribute to a better understanding of what we can do and in supporting Spiritualists, Churches and Centres in this.

Why should they attend?

The summit is intended to raise awareness of the impact of effective choices that we have to fight climate change and care for our environment. Participants will have the opportunity to share their ideas and strategies to benefit their colleagues throughout the Union. They will also gain ideas to take away and help the churches and centres that they belong to in implementing changes. We hope that the range of ideas and strategies explored will include “quick wins” and longer-term strategies. This will provide a range of resources appropriate for the diverse range of churches, centres and individuals that make up the Union. The summit recognises that everyone’s approach will be different. Together we can be stronger, and better informed.

What will it achieve?

Success depends on all of us, and the SNU Green Summit will only have impact if ideas and plans are transformed into action. By sharing them with churches, centres and their committees and congregations, and encouraging and supporting their implementation, we have the opportunity to drive forward real change. We also hope that our collective efforts will inspire others outside of the Union to do the same. By sharing our efforts outside the Union, we hope to influence decision makers and those in power to bring about system change – our commitment to our spiritual principle of personal responsibility has the power to hold them to account, expecting them to make it easier for all of us to live in an environmentally responsible way. Participants in the Green Summit will be able to lead the way by sharing what they have learnt.

The dialogue that we create in 2020 will continue into the future, and pave the way for lasting and sustainable change. The social media tag #SNUGreenSummit will make it easier to share positive ideas to encourage others, and SNU social media platforms and other media will also be used to share ideas and further encourage others. Information will be provided to help all participants to share their learning and ideas gained from the Green Summit, and create maximum impact.

Joining instructions:

The Green Summit will take place online (via Zoom) on Sunday April 5th 2020 at 2pm (approx. 1 hour duration)

To register your interest, please email Alv Hirst on [email protected] with your name, role in the Union (e.g. Individual Member, Church Member etc.) and if there are any areas of interest or knowledge that you have relating to the Green Summit. Details for joining the video conference will be forwarded in due course...