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The Pioneer Journal



The new “Pioneer” electronic journal is compiled and edited by Paul J. Gaunt, editor of the Psypioneer Journal and curator of the Britten Museum & Library, which is housed in the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall. Paul is also the SNU Librarian.


This new history journal will be presented much along the lines of Psypioneer, using original researched material wherever possible. Articles and quotes are taken from original sources as they were published at the time.


The journal will primarily cover the history of the Spiritualists’ National Union and its pioneers. This will be especially beneficial to the educational side of our Union and to those who wish to become more acquainted with its long history and its workers.



The Pioneer

Volume. 1 - No. 1 August 2013.pdf


Volume. 1 - No. 2 January 2014.pdf



Volume. 1 - No. 3 April 2014.pdf


Volume. 1 - No. 4 July 2014.pdf


Volume. 1 - No. 5 October 2014.pdf


Volume. 2 - No. 1 January 2015.pdf


Volume. 2 - No. 2 March 2015.pdf


Volume. 2 - No. 3 May 2015.pdf


Volume. 2 - No. 4 July 2015.pdf


Volume. 2 - No. 5 September 2015.pdf


Volume. 2 - No. 6 November 2015.pdf


Volume. 3 - No. 1 February 2016.pdf


Volume. 3 - No. 2 April 2016.pdf


Volume. 3 - No. 3 July 2016.pdf


Volume. 3 - No. 4 September 2016.pdf


Volume. 3 - No. 5 October 2016.pdf


Volume. 3 - No. 6 December 2016.pdf


Volume. 4 - No. 1 February 2017.pdf


July 1924 – December 1932

The first official journal of the
Spiritualists’ National Union


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SNU Pioneer Journal
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Editor Paul J. Gaunt