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The Organisational Structure

How does it fit together...


The SNU is a membership organisation that is primarily run and managed by its membership at every level, all of whom do so voluntarily. There are a small number of supporting employees who work at the Head Office in Stansted along with the management and staff at the Arthur Findlay College and Arthur Findlay Centre.


Maintaining a two way communication in an organisation that has individual members and organisational members all over the UK and some overseas is always a difficult task. Trying to carry the dialogue and manage the activities of the organisation from the directors and committees to the membership and back again, requires a structure for communication and participation to be in place. Equally the day to day work on the many facets of the SNU in providing its members and the public access to the many services available such as education, training, healing, awards, general support and administration at every level, relies upon the vast army of volunteers and small number of employees working closely together. The SNU, as a member’s organisation, is run by around 300 volunteers who work together to provide all the services and support


To achieve the aims of the SNU in its work and communication, the organisation has a structure that is know as the 'Three Tier System'. The aim of this system is to provide two way channels for the voice of the membership to reach the directors and the return of direction and support from the directors and committees of the SNU, as a management team, back to the membership. From the brief summaries found on the three tier system web page, it can be seen that the voice of the membership is expressed through their local representatives, onward through to national level in the SNU Council and from there by representation on the National Executive Committee. Looking at the committees in detail, it can be seen that the main officers of the SNU have a place on the SNU Council and it is here in the Council that we find the key hub of communications across the SNU membership and the branches of the SNU. In addition to this an Annual Conference is held, where the NEC reports to the membership on the annual activities of the SNU and where all Individual members and member organisations may make their voice heard. There may also be voting on key motions that may be presented at the meeting.


Membership of the SNU
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