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Hydesville Day


At the dawning of March 31st, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Spiritualists everywhere a very Happy Hydesville Day.


As we seek to navigate a world which is at times troubled and challenging the heritage of our movement serves to inform and inspire our hopes for the future. The world changes constantly and Spiritualism must take its place in the changing world to provide a foundation of peace, teaching and philosophy which will inspire in our generation a greater purpose to reflect the very presence of God within each of us and the ever progressive presence of spirit in this world. This work will extend well beyond the confines of any one day but may today serve as an opportunity to redouble our efforts to make a positive difference in our world, with those we love, our friends and colleagues but also for those who would oppose our efforts, they still need our understanding and consideration to enable humanity to become a stronger and more cohesive force for good in the world.


Whatever challenges this day places before you, pause for a moment and reflect on the work and dedication of all those many thousands of people over the years who have carried the banner of Spiritualism with pride, that banner now rests in our hands and it is for us to instigate a greater understanding of its true purpose before we pass it onto to subsequent generations who will follow in our footsteps.


Minister David R Bruton
Spiritualists’ National Union