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Healing fees for healers over 70 years of age

 In 2014 the National Executive Committee discussed various ways in which it could assist its Churches and its Members. One of these ways was the Church Makeover Competition this year which was extremely successful and the winning entrants received a prize of external signage and money to spend on Church improvements.


The Union was also pleased to be able to offer its Healers over the age of 70 a fee reduction for 2015. The Union would have liked to have been in a position to offer this on a permanent basis, but did not want to place itself in the position of being in breach of the Equality Act 2010, where one age group could be seen as benefitting over another age group and which could be considered as age discrimination; therefore the Union is unable to continue to offer the reduced rate.


 Whilst the Union may not be in a position to offer such assistance on a permanent basis, the National Executive Committee is currently focussing on new projects which would benefit its Churches and Members, and hopes to bring you news of these in the future.


Any Member who experiences difficulties with membership or healing fees should be aware that the Union has the Fund of Benevolence and any request for assistance would be considered on an individual basis.


The National Executive Committee

October 2015