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Paris - 13th November Tragedy

November 2015

On behalf of the Spiritualists’ National Union, our thoughts go out to everybody involved in the incident in Paris on Friday evening, it is difficult to imagine how the families of the victims will be feeling at this time dealing with their loss or having someone injured in hospital and even more difficult to envisage why people could perpetrate such actions against innocent people out to enjoy their Friday evening.

The power of healing is a potent force in our world and I am sure you will all join with me in sending out that healing energy to enfold the victims, their family and friends and everybody whose lives have been touched by this extreme act of violence.

Light will always overcome darkness and with this thought in our minds let us try even harder to bring the power of peace into our world for people everywhere, by extending that thought of peace and healing we can all be part of a positive step forward for humanity which can and will bring about change which is needed so much by so many.

Minister David R Bruton
Spiritualists' National Union