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Syrian Refugee Crisis

08th September 2015


Like many people around the world, the Spiritualists’ National Union has watched events unfold with growing concern as the refugee crisis in Syria and other areas following the Arab Spring deepens. The media reports on a daily basis of the tragic consequences of the crisis which seems to be of a proportion not witnessed for many decades.

Over recent weeks the Spiritualists’ National Union has been discussing the ongoing situation and how it can best help those people who have been displaced and are fleeing an environment or persecution many of us cannot comprehend. The Union has held a ‘Brotherhood of Man’ service which focussed on the refugee crisis where it asked Spirit to help those in need, and the Union realises that many of its Churches may like to hold their own ‘Brotherhood of Man’ service. If your Church would like to reach out and help, contact us for details of the service.

With events escalating on a daily basis the Spiritualists’ National Union feels it cannot standby without taking any action, and it understands that many of its Churches and its members feel the same. The British Government has announced its intention to accept at least 20,000 refugees into the UK and there is a moral responsibility to provide support and assistance. The Union urges its Churches and members to look at their local area and examine organisation websites, such as Unicef, The Red Cross, and Save The Children, to see if there is a humanitarian drive waiting for donations such as clothing, blankets or even food.

The Spiritualists’ National Union, its Churches and its members can help by demonstrating Spirit in Action.

The National Executive Committee
September 2015