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"SNU Science Day - The Arthur Findlay Centre Feb 16th 2013"


After many months of planning and preparation the SNU Science Day at the Arthur Findlay Centre Stafford finally arrived. No less than 156 people were in attendance with many people travelling considerable distances to attend. Both Spiritualists and none Spiritualists alike shared a fascinating day with Professor Chris Roe and Dr Elizabeth Roxburgh from Northampton University and Professor Mathew Smith from Buckingham New University. Andy Byng CSNU started the day with a lecture reviewing the history of Spiritualism’s link with the scientific community which certainly set the tone for a day of lectures, debate and questions which held everybody’s interest.


The plenary session allowed many questions to be asked and the debate which ensued allowed both the speakers and the audience to put forward their view point. When we embarked upon this project it was difficult to decide how to approach this day, clearly we wanted to engage with the academic community but also we wanted to try and meet the demands from many Spiritualists who have interest in the scientific aspect of the movement. This day was very much a taster session to determine the interest and to begin to formulate a plan which would contribute to the debate within the movement but also to encourage the scientists to come on board. On reflection this was certainly achieved and we have received many suggestions and ideas for future projects which will be reviewed with a view to implementing a meaningful strategy for the future.


The feedback from the day has been very positive and one demand from many members present is when is the next event to be organised? Clearly now we have finally taken up the challenge to put the science back into Spiritualism this is going to be an on going project. I have received contact from both Prof. Chris Roe and Prof. Matthew Smith and they are very willing to work with us in the future.


I would like to thank all participants for making this the first serious link between the SNU and the scientific community for many years a great success which provides I believe a great hope for the future of the movement as a whole.


Minister David Bruton
President, Spiritualists National Union


Science Day - Morning Session :


1. Introduction - Minister David Bruton


2. Science and Spiritualism, our shared history. Andy Byng CSNU


3. A concise history of scientific approaches to mediumship. Professor Chris Roe, University of Northampton

(Download MS PowerPoint Presentation to view alongside Chris's  podcast: [.pdf])


4. Question & Answers



Science Day - Afternoon Session :


5. Parapsychology - The Journey: Current trends in parapsychological research and its implications for mediumship research Professor Chris Roe, University of Northampton

(Download MS PowerPoint Presentation to view alongside Chris's podcast: [.pdf])


6. Phenomenology of Mediumship Dr Elizabeth Roxburgh, University of Northampton

(Download MS PowerPoint Presentation to view alongside Elizabeth's  podcast: [.pdf])





















































Prof. Chris Roe Lecture 01 (at 22:47 minutes)

Youtube Video - Dr Richard Wiseman
- Experimental Sťance

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