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Who Should Join?

Are you to considering becoming a member, either as an individual Spiritualist or as a Spiritualist organisation or body?


The SNU invites individual Spiritualists and Organisations to join and thereby support Spiritualism and influence its progress.


Individual Members of the SNU are required to accept the Seven Principles of Spiritualism as their lifestyle philosophy by their personal understanding & interpretation and to accept the religion of Spiritualism and as their sole religion. Membership enables individuals and organisations the opportunity to play an active part in the many aspects of the SNU, including its running and future, therefore new members must agree to the uphold the Articles of Association and Bye-Laws of the SNU.


With your help and support, with your voice, we can continue to work towards bringing the knowledge of Spiritualism to the wider world.


If you are a Spiritualist individual or organisation and feel that you could contribute and make a difference and in turn receive the many benefits of joining the SNU find out more in our Membership pages.


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SNU Membership Application Form

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Revision: March 2017


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