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SNU Membership

Frequently Asked Questions About SNU Memberships

If you have any questions about Membership that are not answered here, please contact our Head Office on 01279 816363 or Regular questions may be added with the answers to this list.


  • I am a church member am I automatically a member of the SNU & can I vote?
    • Membership of the SNU is made up of Individuals and Churches/Centres or Organisations who are registered with and pay an annual membership or affiliation fee directly to the SNU. As a church member you pay a fee to be a member of the church and it is the church that is the 'member' of the SNU not you as an individual. However, churches/centres should register you as an Affiliate Member. This enables you to receive electronic communications (if we have your email address) & Newsletters from the SNU and to attend and speak at District and National Meetings, but to answer your question, it doesn't give you voting rights. Voting rights at District & National level, along with many other benefits such as discounts on Education Courses and online purchases, SNUi Membership etc. apply to Individual SNU Members only.

      To find out about the many benefits of Individual SNU Membership visit the Individual Membership Pages


  • I am an SNUi member and pay 20 a year, if I become an SNU Individual Member will I then get my SNUi Membership reduced to 5 a year? (Prices correct at 2011)
    • Yes, once you become a Provisional Member of the SNU you are entitled to access all discounts and benefits of membership, when your SNUi Membership comes up for renewal you will pay just 5. Anyone who has been an SNUi member for 2 years or longer can apply directly for Full Membership and doesn't have to go through the Provisional Membership 12 to 24 months! Find out more in the entry into Full Membership.


  • Annual Membership Renewal is on October 1st each year, I joined as a Provisional Member on 15th June this year, do I have to pay again in October?
    • No, when you become a Provisional Member of the SNU your membership fee is for one calendar year, so in your case your renewal will be due by 15th June next year. If you are qualified for full membership or continuing in another years Provisional membership, you will be brought into line at that point to pay renewals on October 01st each year, by a quarterly pro-rata payment. Someone who joined in January to March at their first anniversary will pay up to the coming October, 3/4 of the membership fee and in April to June 1/2, the membership fee. When October is reached they will then pay for a full year. Members may chose to pay through to the October of the following year. Provisional Members who joined in the second half of the year, at the anniversary of joining will pay the remaining 1/2 or 1/4 left for that membership year, along with the next years payment to take them to the following October 01st of the next year.
      If you have any further Membership Renewal question please call our Head Office on 01279 816363 or


  • What if I don't want to attend a Church or District to do the Introductory Course?
    • The 'Introductory Course in Spiritualism' is a required element for Full Membership, there are two alternative ways to achieve that requirement.
      1. You could do the B1 SNU Education Course during your Provisional Membership period. See the Education Course page for B1 (Basic Spiritualism).
      2. If you are a member of SNU International (SNUi), the Course is run in the Online Classrooms. Membership of SNUi is just 5 a year for all SNU Individual Members and offers many facilities in it's online Community.
      Find out more by visiting SNUi.


  • I completed the SNU Basic Healing Course H1 in 2009 does this exempt me from doing the Introductory Course in Spiritualism?
    • Unfortunately not. The H1 courses before the end of 2011 didn't contain certain elements on understanding spirit communications and phenomena that are in the B1 and SD1 courses, completion of either does give exemption from 'Introductory Course in Spiritualism' .  The H1 went under revision to add these elements and permit it to be included in the exemption for students completing it from the 2012 edition.


  • I am an SNU Class B Member how do I upgrade to Class A?
    • This is a surprisingly common question and arises from the way in which, historically, the SNU has maintained its' Classification of Memberships. The Classification of memberships had caused confusion for years both within and outside of the organisation so, it was abandoned by the SNU Membership at the SNU Annual General Meeting of 2011. In place of Classes A, B, C & D a more descriptive name for each classification is now used.
      In answer to the question however, a Class B member was denoted as an Individual Member who subscribed annual membership to the SNU, a Class A member was denoted an individual member of a Church/Centre or Organisation Affiliated to the SNU, who was appointed as a Delegate to represent them by attending and voting on their behalf at SNU National & District meetings. Therefore, a Class B member and a Class A member are two totally different roles, in fact, Class A was not a membership it was a delegated role that an individual undertook on behalf of an a Affiliated organisation. Class C was the same as Class A, except they represented organisations that were Kindred body members of the SNU. Finally, Class D members were members of churches that are affiliated to the SNU and had been registered as such with the SNU, they were not Individual subscribing members the SNU.
      The new titles define these memberships and roles more clearly:
      (Class A) Church Representative
      (Class B) Individual Member (Either: Provisional or Full)
      (Class C) Kindred Body Representative
      (Class D) Affiliate Member
      We hope that clears up any confusion!