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Healing News : October 2015


Healing News

It has been agreed that all Trainees will have their photographs on their credential cards from the point of registration. It would be helpful for trainees already registered to either send 1 passport sized photographs or send their photo via email to head office so that they are on file ready for the new cards in 2016.



Over 70s registration

Over 70s healing mediums registration will be at the same cost as all other healers, however, if there is anyone who is having real difficulty paying their registration they can apply for a bursary. The healing Committee will look at individual cases.



Code of Conduct Healing and the Law

NEC have agreed that the Healing Committee can put back into one publication the Code of Code and Healing and the Law for 2016.



New Name

Healers will all be known as Spiritualist Healing Mediums.



There has been a little confusion regarding two signatures in a logbook, the information below is for clarification;


Trainee Healing Mediums can complete signatures in one year fulfilling two healing sessions a week. If you don’t have the opportunity to do two healing sessions in your own church this is what you can do:


A) Be a member of two different SNU Churches,


B) With the permissions of the committees attend both healing groups, both     church committees must be in full agreement.


C) Both Committees should enter this information on the returns.


D) Head Office, Redwoods should be given this information to include on trainees' records that permission has been given by both committees, this will also make checking documents easier when trainees apply for upgrade.


Some churches have two healing sessions in one day. If this is how your church runs, when filling in the log section for practical training make it clear that it is afternoon or evening and then the signatures will count.



Paying by Direct Debit

As a committee we would like to encourage all Spiritualist Healing Mediums to pay their renewals by Direct Debit. You can find the form on the SNU website fill in and send to Head Office, Redwoods. You will still receive an application form to re-register as each individual needs to sign this as well as the church and return to Head Office.



Gordon Higginson Memorial Scholarship

The healing Committee will be sponsoring another candidate for this scholarship, you can find details on the website



3 Healing Review Days from January 2016


The Nature of Healing

Relaxation, Meditation and Awareness


The Nature of Healing

The Power of Thought

Healing Techniques

Distant and Absent Healing


Principles of Good Practice

Principles of Good Practice

Health and Safety

Malpractice and Public Liability

Relations with the Medical Profession

Organisation of Healing Practice

Keeping Confidential Records

Basic Anatomy and Physiology


Practical Healing

Healer / Patient Relationship

Patient Contact Initial

Basic Communication Skills

Explain the healing Routine/Procedure

Healing with a Patient Present



Signatures by patients on record cards

There is confusion regarding the patients signing the card to verify what the healer has written. There is no necessity to do this in law, but if the church committee have decided this is what they want to happen in their healing services, then The Healing Committee will respect that decision.




The Healing committee are holding a new course at the Stafford Centre


Update and Upgrade Your Healing Power & Ability


28th June – 1st July 2016


We invite ALL healing mediums from both the UK and overseas to join our new series of Review Sessions. During our course, you will have the opportunity to achieve an Upgrade Assessment to meet the criteria for Approved Spiritualist Healing Medium status


• Have you gained 100 practical contact healing sessions?

• Have you completed and passed the Education Course H1 Basic Healing?


During this week if you are ready to do review and final assessment for CSNUh the team will be more than happy to do the review and the final assessment, you will need to fulfil all the criteria on your application form and have applied for the assessment before booking at the Arthur Findlay Centre.


If so, join me and my team at the Arthur Findlay Centre, to complete your training with us. You may need to complete all four Reviews or perhaps you missed one. Whatever you need to achieve to be an Approved Spiritualist Healing Medium, we will be there to help you.


SNUi students might like to stay and join up with other SNUi students and attend the peace walk on the Saturday 2nd July at the end of this course week, you need to book with the Stafford Centre when you book for the course.


To book on this invaluable, as well as interesting course, just phone

the Arthur Findlay Centre, Stafford on

01785 615513

or email

to ensure your place.







Sending positive healing energy to help bring light to the most depressing month of the year

Join us for our special Spiritualist Healing Day Service on

Sunday 17th January 2016


SPIRITUAL HEALING The power of positive thought



The Spiritualists’ National Union and their Spiritualist Healing Mediums are determined to bring light to the most depressing month of the year.


January is recognised as the time when most people feel at a low ebb. The festive season is past the sales are offering things we cannot afford and the weather is consistently grey with an overcoat of the blues, this why we are holding a special healing service in our churches and centres on Sunday 17th January the day before what the media call ‘Blue Monday’. So called because it is usually the day the bills from the holiday season arrive on the doormat or in the inbox.


We have decided to raise the energy of the month of January and especially Blue Monday, with positive energy and positive thought to chase away the ‘January Blues’.


Spiritual Healing is a form of energy from the Spirit World channelled by our healers to bring comfort to this physical world. Spirit energy is always a positive energy and a power for good and the well-being of those who are aware of it. This is why at a special healing service in our Churches and Pioneer Centres the SNU Spiritual Healing Mediums will encourage all those attending the service to ask the Spirit World to boost our physical energy and raise our spirits on earth.


We all have free-will, so we have to ask for this change to happen, so the more of us who do ask for healing; the greater the feeling of positivity will be felt in January by everyone.


This is why we ask you to join us at our special healing service and invite your friends too, so we can make this a really positive month where all our resolutions are met and we move our life forward in to the spring sunshine, the clear skies and above all bring a big, big, smile to our faces and all those who see us smiling.



Say goodbye to the January blues and hello to spirit positive healing energy.


If you have any question for the Healing Committee please email: