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SNU Healing News
From The Healing Committee

Welcome to the healing news online.


This is where we can keep all healers informed of what is happening regarding Spiritual Healing within the Union. We will be making regular updates to the Healing News so everyone will be kept up to date.




Healing News : December 2016


December 2016

SNU Healing Day

SNU Healing day is 15th January 2017 why not have a healing service and allow all that positive energy be used for those who need. Download the poster to advertise your healing service.


Cost of Registration
Due to the fact that insurance for healing increased last year the cost to re-register will increase by £1.50 in 2017.


Documentation for Healing
During our time as a committee we have been re writing the documentation to make sure it all lines up with the byelaws. These documents include Code of Conduct Healing and the Law which is now in one document and will be ready for re registration in 2017. Although we have published this before there has now been added things in Code of Conduct and working alongside a consultative member on the healing committee Healing and the Law has been re written.


Logbooks both for UK residence and non UK residence have also been brought up to date and changed to make them easier to work with, these documents are in the last stages now and will be published early next year.


District Council Procedure for Assessment
The District Council procedure for assessments has undergone a re write and when ready will be sent to District Councils to help them understand what is required within the paperwork they need to fill out on behalf of their Trainee Healing Mediums.


Frequently asked questions has also had a re vamp and all these documents will be ready to purchase early in the New Year.


There is on the left hand side, the link to the procedural steps to help non UK residence understand the steps they need to make to become SNU Trainee Healing Mediums. This document was put together with the help of students who found it difficult to search all the different places on the website, hopefully with the procedures in place and the hyperlinks to different areas of the website students home and abroad will find things they need to do with healing easier to access.


Paying by Direct Debit
As a committee we would like to encourage all Spiritualist Healing Mediums to pay their renewals by Direct Debit. You can find the form on the SNU website fill in and send to Head Office, Redwoods. You will still receive an application form to re-register as each individual needs to sign this to accept the insurance as well as the church officers signing and then returning to Redwoods Head Office.


Signatures by patients on record cards
There is confusion regarding the patients signing the card to verify what the healing medium has written. There is no necessity to do this in law, but if the church committee have decided this is what they want to happen in their healing services, then The Healing Committee will respect that decision.





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