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Getting the most out of Spiritual Healing

In this section we give advice about what to expect and do when attending a Church/Centre for Spiritual Healing...


When attending a Spiritualist Church for healing for the first time, ask someone there if you can speak to either an SNU Approved Spiritualist Healing Medium or the Church Healing Leader. Explain to them that this is your first visit to a Healing Service and ask that they explain how their Healing Service is conducted. If there is sufficient time before the service begins, they can answer any questions you may have. If there is no time, then ask that they take you somewhere quiet where the sound of your voices will not disturb the Healing Service.


Methods by which Spiritualist Healing can be administered can then be explained more fully, however, there are three methods of healing, these are:

  • Contact Healing where the Spiritualist Healing Medium places their hands, with your permission, directly onto your body, whilst ensuring that there is no cause for embarrassment
  • Distant Healing is similar to absent healing below, in the fact that healing is sent by the power of thought. However, with Distant Healing the healing thought is sent to someone who is ‘Physically Present’ but is not receiving contact healing.
  • Absent Healing where the patient is not physically present, but healing thoughts are sent to them


At a Church Healing Service it is usual to receive Contact Healing but during the service an ‘Absent Healing Silence’ is often held for people in need and who are not in a position to receive contact healing. If you know of any person who requires healing to be sent to them, or you are unable to attend a Healing Service but wish to receive healing, please give your name, or that of the person you wish to receive healing to one of the Spiritualist Healing Mediums before the service commences.


It might be that at your first visit you decide not to partake of contact healing, in which case you will be more than welcome to sit silently during the service whilst enjoying the peace, harmony and tranquillity that is an important part of the healing processes.


If you wish to receive healing make this known to the person you spoke to who will explain their procedure to you. Should you have to leave before the service is finished, please do so as quietly as possible out of respect for the other patients and Spiritualist Healing Mediums who are still working.


To get the most beneficial effect from the healing it is advisable for you to relax at least for a few minutes before your treatment. It is also helpful if you try to relax during your treatment, keeping an open mind about what is taking place and a positive attitude towards the outcome. Remember that healing does not finish when you leave the chair: it is a continuous process. You can help in the furtherance of this by sitting quietly for a few minutes before you leave for home, perhaps having a cup of tea and a biscuit that are usually available at the end of the service.


No fixed charge is made for healing, but if you wish to contribute to the work of the Church, donations may be placed in the box usually provided near the door. A small charge may be made for tea and biscuits that provides an opportunity for all to chat and to get to know one another. It gives you the chance to discuss any aspects of the Church or Spiritualism which you may wish to know more about.


We trust that your visit to the SNU Church has been worthwhile and that you are already feeling much better physically, mentally and spiritually. If you do have any concerns then please have a word with the Church Healing Leader.


Private Appointments

If you wish to make a private appointment with a Spiritualist Healing Medium, ask to see their Healer’s Credential Card. This will indicate whether they are an SNU Approved or Trainee Spiritualist Healing Medium and the date indicates whether they are currently registered with the SNU. All SNU Healing Mediums carry public liability insurance. Before finalising the appointment, ensure that you ascertain what their expenses will be.

Healing leaflet
Leaflets on Spiritual Healing are available
in most Churches/Centres.