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Spiritual Healing FAQ's

In this section we answer the frequently asked questions about Spiritual Healing...


  • Does healing involve massage or manipulation?

    No. Healing is administered by simple acts such as laying on of hands, or the direction of thoughts from a distance. Massage and manipulation are not covered under the definition of healing. Nor does it require the removal of any clothing, except perhaps an overcoat.


  • Is there any way which I can help the healing process?

    Yes. By continuing any prescribed medication and maintaining a positive attitude in anticipation of the desired result, the healing process will often be accelerated. Your thoughts are a very potent force and this can go a long way towards aiding the healing energies. However, you should also look at ways in which alterations to your lifestyle could assist the process and actively looking at how you can make those changes.


  • Do I need to attend healing more than once?

    Healing is a continuous process and should you be unable to attend the Healing Service it is advisable that you ask for your name to be placed on the ‘Absent Healing List’ this ensures that contact is maintained.


  • Why does it sometimes seem to take so long to work?

    We have to appreciate that there are no ‘miracles’ either in healing or anything else - merely the manifestation of natural law, as yet unknown to us. Every single facet of life including the act of healing is subject to the immutable law of nature. Although there are many spontaneous recoveries, healing is usually a progressive process.


  • Why does healing sometimes appear to fail?

    This physical body cannot live forever. The healing energies can bring about relief either physically or mentally, or both. There may not have been a physical cure, but there may have begun a change in mental well-being and the patient may be able to deal better with the pain and discomfort they have to live with. They may be able to enjoy what they are able to do, not dwell on what they are unable to do. Is this not a form of success? If the changes brought about by Spiritualist healing help to ease the patient’s path through this life, either physically or mentally then it could be said that healing does not fail.

Healing leaflet
Leaflets on Spiritual Healing are available
in most Churches/Centres.