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Have you been told that you are a Healer?

Experienced Spiritualist Healing Mediums are frequently approached by people who have been told - often by a well meaning medium - that they have healing potential...


If the medium is well trained and experienced then this advice will have been accompanied with an indication of where the healing potential lies, such as in the application of healing by either absent or contact means, by the use of counselling, or by becoming a medically qualified person, by learning about certain alternate therapies, or by other means.


If the information is purported to have come from Spirit then we must credit that source with common sense; and usually any such recommendation will be accompanied by the appropriate directions necessary for the development of the potential spiritualist healing medium.


The first important thing to realise is that EVERYONE has a natural inbuilt healing process that, under normal circumstances, deals quite effectively with any problems that arise. If you cut your finger the blood usually coagulates to stop the flow and a natural healing process commences. If the wound is a large one then medical help is sought whereby the wound is stitched together to assist the natural healing processes. NO-ONE can HEAL another person, but one can attempt to create suitable conditions whereby the natural healing processes are encouraged to do their work.


The questions are:

    (a) Whether you have the ability to help others and

    (b) If you have the potential by which this may be developed?


A Spiritualist Healing Medium does not heal of themselves. A Spiritualist healing Medium is only a channel for the healing energies to flow through. These energies stem from the source of all creative life, a power that can awaken the natural self-healing abilities within a person, a power that can bring about a state of natural relaxation which often leads to peace of mind and a greater understanding.


Persons who have worked with various facets of healing on the material plane often find that, when they pass to the spirit world, they have a desire to continue with this work, albeit from a different angle. These people may become helpers who assist in the channelling of this power or energy; and some spiritualist healing mediums are aware of them,whilst others are not. Whether a spiritualist healing medium is aware of their presence is not an essential necessity.


Spiritualist healing can be quite clearly defined in the words, ‘From spirit - Through spirit - To spirit’. ‘From Spirit’ means the Source of all Life; ‘Through Spirit’ means by the channelling of energies through a spiritualist healing medium, medical personnel etc.; ‘To Spirit’ means that it revitalises the spirit centre or soul of the patient, which in turn influences other levels of their being, thus creating a balance and a state of harmonious existence between all aspects within the recipient and hence a state of good health. Illness or disease is caused by an imbalance on one or more of these levels that hinders the natural healing process. Often people who attend for Spiritualist healing wish to know more about what they experience. The Spiritualist healing medium therefore has a responsibility to be able to answer their questions clearly and honestly, without being dogmatic or forcing a religious viewpoint upon them. Books and other aids to self-awareness can be recommended but it must be remembered that we are all at various levels in spiritual evolution and what suits one person may not suit another.


A Spiritualist healing medium is a spiritualist healing medium who practises their healing gift in accordance with the teachings and philosophy of Spiritualism. A Spiritualist Healing Medium or otherwise, stands as a representative for the spiritual healing movement as a whole and should ensure that the love and healing offered to patients is reflected by their own conduct. A spiritual healer should always observe the code of conduct of the healing organisation of which they are a member.


A number of qualities are required for the healing work, such as:- compassion, dedication, integrity, time, patience, understanding, and responsibility to name a few.


On a practical level, how does one start to train as a healer?


Usually by joining a healing group led by an experienced Spiritualist Healing Medium. Everyone can learn from being part of a group and from watching how other Spiritualist Healing Mediums work. Do not expect to become an “instant” healer overnight. It takes many years of development to learn how to use the attunement process as well as learning how to work in complete harmony with others. Healing works in accordance with natural law and this can never be rushed but must be allowed to work in its own way. If there is no room for you in a group at present, then attend such a group, watch and take note of what is done, ask advice upon how you can help the healing by just sitting on the sidelines and learning how to use the power of thought.


Begin to develop your own potential by finding somewhere peaceful where you will not be disturbed; quieten your own consciousness and allow the inner sub-conscious state to become more dominant. Then, through prayer, ask that you may be used as a channel for absent healing. When you feel the time is right, request that healing be given to people who you know are in need of help. Do not dwell too long on their names and conditions, but ask, without trying to direct the healing that is being given. Finish with a short prayer giving thanks for the healing and the fact that you have been used as a channel.


If someone in your own home needs help, try giving them some contact healing. Follow the same process as above and instead of sending out thoughts, ask that you yourself may be a channel for this purpose. Place your hands on or near to the patient, allow yourself time to blend with them, and then become a passive channel through which the healing energies may flow. Never try to direct the healing energies yourself as this leads to magnetic healing, which can deplete you and cause serious problems. When you feel the treatment is completed, finish with a short prayer of thanks.


Practice makes perfect; and each time you give healing you will learn something new. The Healing Gift is progressive and one never stops learning. You will come up against certain facts that may cause you to change your mind about various matters you once took for granted. This is all part of your own spiritual evolution and the understanding for which you are looking, so this change of mind and outlook is a necessity in order for you to progress along the path you have chosen.


Enjoy what Spiritualist Healing has to offer; may the work you have dedicated yourself to bring you much happiness and joy.


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