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Course Organisers

The SNU Education Course Organisers will allocate your tutor/s from a long list of skilled and knowledgable tutors who hold awards of the SNU in your chosen study subject....


Below are the contact details for our voluntary course organisers and subjects they cover.



Advanced Courses: A1 - A6

Minister Jenny Peacock
Tel: 01977 683456



Courses: G1, G2, G3

Minister Myrrha Hibbert
Tel: 0115 964 2171




Course: H1

Mr James Underwood CSNU
Tel: 07747 768875





Patricia Seymour CSNU
Tel: 0208 4051898





Mrs Jackie Wallace CSNU
Tel: 01245 329683



Courses: H2 to H4

Mr Paul Harris DSNU
Tel: 01744 309548



Ministerial Duties Course: MD1

Minister Jenny Peacock
Tel: 01977 683456


Basic Exponents Course: SD1

Minister Janette Cookson OSNU
Tel: 01457 862157




Basic Exponents Course: SD1

Mrs Debbie Ridgway CSNU
Tel: 0161 900 0829





Exponents Courses: SD4, S5

Richard Cuthbert OSNU
Tel: 07977 825402



Exponents Courses: SD2,SD3,D5

Mrs Geraldine Coates
Tel: 01553 671699