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Intermediate Education Courses

There are currently 10 Intermediate SNU Education Courses, covering a wide range of subjects. The Foundation courses in the subjects of Spiritualism, Speaking & Demonstrating, Healing and Administration must be completed before moving on to start these Intermediate Courses. ...


Below is a list of the courses, with a brief summary of the course content. Course notes may be purchased from the Head Office without course enrolment for just 17.50 each.


Please see Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the Course Listing.


Course: SD2 - The Phenomena of Spiritualism

Explaining physical and mental phenomena and the development of mediumship.


Course: SD3 - History and Teachings of Spiritualism

Detailing the revelation of Spiritualism, the spiritual nature of man. the spiritual future of man, the history of Spiritualism, the Seven Principles and the Spiritualists’ Lyceum Union.


Course: SD4 - Public Presentation

Tuition and theory in the basic techniques of public speaking.


Course: D5 - The Practice of Mediumship

A course designed to help exponents of Spiritualism which includes the legal and moral implications of mediumship, mediumship and the media, services, meetings etc.


Course: S5 - Spiritualism in Religion

Giving a summary of comparative religions.


Course: G2 - Church Organisation

Explaining the constitution of the church, publicity meetings and discussion groups, healing clinics, conduct at services, development circles and fund-raising, publicity and other church activities.


Course: G3 - Spiritualists' National Union Organisation

Covering an introduction to the SNU, together with its administration as a charity and a limited liability company and how this is achieved within the District Councils and the Spiritualists’ Lyceum Union.


Course: H2 - Practice of Spiritual Healing

The healer, development phases, healing techniques, treatments: contact and absent, grades of control, magnetic healing, organisation of healing meetings, keeping records, legal aspects and ethics, medical co-operation.


Course: H3 - Theory of Spiritual Healing

Health and disease, definitions, causes of disease, human constitution, the purpose of healing.


Course: H4 - Basic Anatomy

Systems, respiration, circulatory, digestive. Organs, abdominal, the liver, the thoracic cavity. Framework, the skeletal system, joints and movements.


Terms & Conditions for Purchase of Course with Tutoring

1. It is a requirement that foundation course SD1 must be completed before courses SD2, SD3, SD4, D5 and S5 can be taken. Similarly, course G1 must be completed before courses G2 and G3 can be taken. For Healing H1 must be completed before courses H2, H3 and H4. If an applicant has not completed the relevant foundation courses before purchasing courses SD2, SD3, SD4, D5, S5, G2, G3 , H2, H3 or H4 with the tutor option, then the order will not be processed and may be refunded; unless the applicant wishes to change the order to the relevant foundation course.

2. If purchasing the course with tutor option, a student has a maximum period of 2 years to complete the course and they must start the course and submit their answer to the whole of the first question within 6 months of enrolment.



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