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Enrol on Education Courses

There are currently two ways to enrol on our courses...


  • By post with cheque payment
  • By on-line payment & email


All registrations are handled by SNU Head Office, details below:




Stansted Hall



CM24 8UD


Tel: 01279 816363


Foundation and Intermediate Course Fees:

All fees for UK students include the cost of Course Notes, postage, packaging and administration fees. Overseas students please add 5.00 to the costs below:


  • Course Fees SNU Individual Members 40.00
  • Course Fees SNU Church Members & Non SNU Members 45.00


Advanced Course Fees:

Overseas students please add 5.00 to the costs below:


  • Course Fees SNU Individual Members 20.00
  • Course Fees SNU Church Members & Non SNU Members 25.00


Enrol by Post:

Click here to download printable form
Once you have completed the form, please send it to the SNU Head Office, Stansted. Payment can either be made by enclosing a cheque, pay via paypal or tick the relevent box for us to contact you for payment, full details are on the back of the form
(Revised May 2017))


Terms & Conditions for Purchase of Course with Tutoring

1. It is a requirement that foundation course SD1 must be completed before courses SD2, SD3, SD4, D5 and S5 can be taken. Similarly, course G1 must be completed before courses G2 and G3 can be taken. For Healing H1 must be completed before courses H2, H3 and H4. If an applicant has not completed the relevant foundation courses before purchasing courses SD2, SD3, SD4, D5, S5, G2, G3 , H2, H3 or H4 with the tutor option, then the order will not be processed and may be refunded; unless the applicant wishes to change the order to the relevant foundation course.

2. If purchasing the course with tutor option, a student has a maximum period of 2 years to complete the course and they must start the course and submit their answer to the whole of the first question within 6 months of enrolment.




Spiritualist National Union :  Refund Policy


This policy applies to Education Courses and Course Notes, SNU Award fees, including PAS and CAAS, Final Assessment Boards, APL, Trainee Healer Subscriptions and Upgrading Fees. As help is already given to those who are experiencing difficulties, for example extension to time limits, refunds will not be granted unless under exceptional circumstances. In such cases the applicant should apply direct to the Secretary of the relevant committee stating all details and the committee will make a decision. (the contact details of the Secretary can be found on the website


Applicants who have been granted a refund under exceptional circumstances and re-enrol cannot submit a second refund application within 24 months of their first application.


ALL applications for a refund must be made to the Secretary of the relevant committee who will inform the applicant of the decision of the committee. Should a refund be granted the Secretary will inform Head Office who will then arrange the refund payment. Refunds may attract a charge for the administration involved.




SNU Education Information  Leaflet
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