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Foundation Education Courses

There are currently 5 Foundation SNU Education Courses, covering a wide range of subjects. The Foundation courses in the subjects of Spiritualism, Speaking & Demonstrating, Healing and Administration must be completed before moving on to start the Intermediate Courses.


Below is a list of the courses, with a brief summary of the course content. Course notes may be purchased from the Head Office without course enrolment for just £17.50 each.


Please see Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the Course Listing.



SNU Guide to Basic and Foundation Courses...

  • Basic & Foundation course information: (.pdf)



    Course: SD1 - Speaking & Demonstrating

    A course also designed for exponents of Spiritualism covering demonstrating and speaking in Spiritualist churches.

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    Course: G1 - Administration

    A must for all church administrators. The course deals with all areas of Church work, including the constitutional, social and promotional aspects.


    Course: H1 - Healing

    An education course for trainee healers covering all aspects of Spiritualist Healing.


    Please note: To become and SNU Trainee Healer find out about Registration with the SNU [more...]

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    Course: MD1 - Ministerial Duties

    A Course designed to assist those who conduct official ceremonies such as namings, weddings, funerals and more of the duties of Ministry.


    Course: BLEC - Basic Lyceum Education Course

    A Course devoted to all aspects of Lyceum education and training, both theoretical and practical. This course is administered and run by The Spiritualists' Lyceum Union. [more]


    Terms & Conditions for Purchase of Course with Tutoring

    1. It is a requirement that foundation course SD1 must be completed before courses SD2, SD3, SD4, D5 and S5 can be taken. Similarly, course G1 must be completed before courses G2 and G3 can be taken. For Healing H1 must be completed before courses H2, H3 and H4. If an applicant has not completed the relevant foundation courses before purchasing courses SD2, SD3, SD4, D5, S5, G2, G3 , H2, H3 or H4 with the tutor option, then the order will not be processed and may be refunded; unless the applicant wishes to change the order to the relevant foundation course.

    2. If purchasing the course with tutor option, a student has a maximum period of 2 years to complete the course and they must start the course and submit their answer to the whole of the first question within 6 months of enrolment.