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Advanced Education Courses

A New Approach to Advanced SNU Education Courses...


From 01st June 2013.



Advanced Courses: Update

The Education Committee are excited to share with you the new look to the Advanced courses.


The Advanced courses have been neglected for some time, and there have been no real changes since the 1990s. When the current Education Committee came into office 2 years ago we made the advanced courses our priority and have devised a refreshingly new concept.


From now on the advanced courses will be thesis based. So the student can, for the first time, choose a subject that is important to them and submit a thesis on it. For example a student may have a particular passion for the History of Spiritualism, and may want to focus on the progress of Spiritualism during the war years. The student can now submit this title, and when agreed, can go on to produce a 10,000 word thesis on their chosen subject.


The student will still have the help of a tutor if they need it.


Also for the first time ever, healing students can take part in the advanced programme without having to do all the SD courses. A student who has completed the H1, 2, 3, and 4 can produce an advanced thesis on a subject within healing and the same for the administration courses. It was felt that these two areas had been neglected for too long.


The Education Committee hopes that this way of working will encourage the student to research the topic in more depth without relying on the course notes only. And also encourage the student to go and apply for their Writers diploma and then study for the Fellowship. Education is looking to produce a booklet to aid the student showing how to research effectively and source information.


From this moment the advanced courses will be set out as shown below.


Thank you,

Minister Jenny Peacock

Chairman, SNU Education Committee




Course: A1 - The History of Spiritualism

Previous study required:
SD1 & SD2


Course: A2 - Philosophy of Spiritualism

Previous study required:
SD1 & SD3


Course: A3 - Science of Spiritualism

Previous study required:
SD1, SD2 & D5


Course: A4 - Healing within Spiritualism

Previous study required:
H1, H2, H3 & H4


Course: A5 - Administration of the Spiritualists National Union

Previous study required:
SD1 & SD4
Plus, either: G1 & G2
G1 & G3


Course: A6 - World Religions

Previous study required:
SD1,SD3 & S5




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