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Wedding Services the Spiritualist Way

Spiritualist Weddings....


SNU Ministers and Officiants are fully trained to carry out marriage ceremonies, which includes the necessary legally binding vows.


In most SNU Churches a Registrar would be needed to witness and record the vows, although some Churches have an  'Authorised Person' who records the marriage in the same was as a Registrar.


Remember that when vows are exchanged in the Spiritualist service those in the Spirit world are also invited as witnesses. Special people in the Spirit world who cannot be there in body can certainly be there in spiritual form, bringing the love which continues to flow from them.


If you are not a Spiritualist, you need to consider whether this service is suitable for you as it treats those present as accepting of the Seven Principles and having an understanding of Spiritualism.


To find out more about having your wedding the Spiritualist Way, contact your local SNU Church or pick up a leaflet for more details.


To find a Minister in your area, select the Districts A-Z menu and your location.


Wedding leaflet
Leaflets on ethical matters and services are available
in most Churches/Centres.


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