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Ministers of the SNU

Ministership of the SNU...


Since 1939 the SNU has been legally recognised by the Home Office to appoint people who demonstrate the right characteristics to hold the highest office within SNU Spiritualism.


The Ministership of the SNU is granted to those who have been selected as worthy to represent Spiritualism by their educational qualifications, practical ability and good example they give as Ministers of Religion.


Our Ministers have the same rights and privileges as any other Minister of Religion. The Ministry is administrated by the Ministers Administrative Committee under the direct control of the National Executive Committee of the SNU.


There are both Ministers and Officiants (registered as Celebrants in Scotland) who work within the SNU Ministry


Duties of Ministers are:

  • To act as ambassadors for Spiritualism at all times

  • To actively promote Spiritualism

  • To conduct all Spiritualist Official Services on request

  • To advise SNU churches on request regarding all matters

  • To provide advice to individuals as required.

  • To train prospective Ministers and Officiants

  • Visiting prisoners as part of the prison Chaplaincy

  • Visiting hospitals in a Chaplaincy role

  • Providing a Chaplaincy service within the Armed forces

  • Where specifically trained to provide counselling services to individuals

  • To sign and authorise passports and other legal documents as defined by the Home Office.


One of the major roles within the Ministry is prison and hospital visiting and their importance cannot be over stated. The needs Spiritual of prisoners are often complex and demanding. It is their job to act as a spiritual advisor, to help the prisoner cope with life under very difficult circumstances. Also, by teaching them Spiritualist philosophy, it may be helping them not to re-offend when they are eventually released into the community.


Within hospitals the role is just as demanding, as part of the Chaplaincy team our Ministers may be called upon to administer prayer, advice on all aspects of death and what the patient believes follows, but our Ministers role is to try and remove the fears associated with actual physical death by increasing the understanding of the patient. More demanding are the responsibilities to the relatives of patients, our Ministers have to show unending patience and understanding to relatives mindful of never denigrating any other faith or belief system.


Additionally a significant part of the role in hospital can be removing prejudice from patients and hospital staff alike, patience and understanding of all individuals beliefs is a major attribute of our Ministers.


Officiant of the SNU (OSNU)

The appointment of Officiant is granted to those who have completed relevant courses of study and who are considered capable of conducting services such as marriages, funerals and naming ceremonies.


Duties of Officiants:

  • To act as ambassadors for Spiritualism at all times
  • To conduct all Spiritualist Official services on request
  • Where qualified to visit prisoners as part of the Chaplaincy
  • Where qualified to visit hospitals as part of the Chaplaincy
  • To assist in the training of future Officiants


Ministership in the United Kingdom:

The appointment of Ministers is by invitation of the National Executive Committee from among candidates who have satisfactorily completed the prescribed training and assessment.


For full information about procedure and qualification of appointments please see the Pathway Documents below and Bye-Laws G - PART II:

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