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Funeral Services the Spiritualist Way

Spiritualist Funerals....


SNU Ministers and Officiants are trained to a very high standard; therefore they are very capable of assisting in the planning and officiating of funeral services.


It may be that you are thinking about how you would like your own funeral to be conducted or because you may need to make arrangements for someone else at this time.


If you wish to leave instructions for your next of kin to let your funeral wishes be know, there is a form to download to the right on this page. The form should be left in known place, possibly with personal papers and/or your will.


If you are arranging a funeral for someone else, has the person left a will and/or wishes either in their will or in writing somewhere? If so, then you should respect those wishes, although the executor or next of kin has the final say.


The service is a time for remembering and paying tribute to the life and actions of the deceased. It is a time to celebrate their life on earth, so that those who remain remember them with joy and thankfulness for the shared memories.


The Spiritualist Service emphasises the continuation of life in another sphere of existence beyond this earthly realm, and that the death of the physical body is merely the shedding of a mortal garment that has served its purpose.


The Spiritualist Service may be personalised for those who would wish a non traditional religious service, most Spiritualist Ministers and Officiants will fit in with the wishes of the deceased and our Services do not include what many see as orthodox religious language.


All services are conducted in a Spiritual manner with both dignity and respect. Types of ceremonies offered include Burial, Cremation, Scattering of Ashes & Memorial Services.


You can find out more about the Funeral Service by speaking to your local Minister, Officiant or Church. Why not pick up a leaflet for full details about Funeral Services the Spiritualist Way.


To find a Minister in your area, select the Districts A-Z menu and your location.


Funeral leaflet
Leaflets on ethical matters and services are available
in most Churches/Centres.

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