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West Midlands District

Welcome to the SNU Spiritualist community of the West Midlands.


The West Midlands district covers the region including Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Shropshire the West of Leicestershire down to Northampton and West to Worcestershire. There are 28 Spiritualist Churches/Centre with around 1800 members in our district and over 250 individual Spiritualists who are members of the SNU.


The West Midlands District provides an education scheme designed to support and actively educate developing students both spiritually and mediumistically. :
The West Midlands Education Scheme [more...]


Main contact details, meetings and events are listed below:

All Correspondence to:
Robert Dangerfield
WMDC Secretary
20 Charterfield Drive

Tel: 07532212266



Individual Membership Enquiries:
WMDC Members Representative
James Bishop

Tel: 07535 259669



Meetings & Events for West Midlands DC


Members Meetings:

Open Forum - 25th June 2016
Open Forum - 17th September 2016
General Meeting - 26th November 2016
Annual General Meeting - 18th March 2017


Wesst Midlands District

Private Sittings